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1. About the product :

Syrup helps to strengthen the immune system, maintain healthy levels of hemoglobin and aid in the formation of new cells in the body.The syrup “purifies the blood, prevents rheumatic afflictions and disorders of bile & has nutritive properties of high order.”
2. Content and its benefits:
• Base syrup: Kakavi (sugarcane syrup): It acts as rejuvenator by removing toxins and nourishing all body parts. High iron and content helps to maintain hemoglobin levels in the body.
• Herbal content :

a. Haritaki: it helps in reducing mental stress and anxiety and stimulates the hormones for increasing libido.
b.Amla: It acts as blood purifier, boosts immunity, improves liver function.
c. Shatavari: It promotes cardiac functioning and aids in digestion.
d.Ashwagandha: It strengthens immunity and treats insomnia
e.Vidari: It slows down ageing process in the tissues of heart, lungs, liver and skin
f.Bhibhitaki: It increases metabolism and improves cognitive functioning.
g.Giloy: It acts as antioxidant, antiarthritic, antiosteoporotic.
2. Nutritional content :

Iron,Iodine, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, chromium, copper,Phosphorous, Zinc,Vitamin A Vitamin B2, B6.

Hb+ Wholesome Nutrition

  • 1 Table Spoon(15ml/21gms), Serving Per Container about 13

  • Standard Delivery Time : 4-5 Days.

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