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1. About product :

 Essential for the development of the baby’s bones, formulation of nerve tissue and muscles necessary for controlling blood clotting.
2. Contents and its benefits:
• Base syrup: Kakavi (sugarcane syrup): It acts as rejuvenator by removing toxins and nourishing all body parts. High iron and content helps to maintain hemoglobin levels in the body.
• Herbal content :

a.Shatavari : maintains hormonal levels within the blood
b.Ananta: It detoxifies the system
c. Bala : It increases progesterone levels

d.Ringani : It treats indigestion
e. Sunth: It cures morning sickness, improves metabolism and relieves upset stomach
f. Pimpali : The biochemical compounds present in this aromatic herb has been used since ancient times to shield the body against various infections.
g.Skhirkakoli:it acts as blood purifier
h.Kashmiri:it acts as energy booster and makes skin glow
i.Yashta: it acts as harmone regulator
j.Devdar:It diminishes stress and anxiety, relieves pain and inflammation.
3. Nutritional content :

Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Zinc, Vitamin B2, B6.

Hb+ Pregno Care Nutrition

  • 1 Table Spoon(15ml/21gms), Serving Per Container about 13

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