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1. About the product :

Syrup is an Excellent source of Calcium, we all know how important calcium is to our growing babies – not only for the development of their bones and teeth, but also for many other functions throughout their bodies. HB+ Shishu Care adds a subtle sweetness to foods and is an excellent source of all kinds of overall nutrition for growing baby.
2. Content and its benefits:
• Base syrup: Kakavi (sugarcane syrup): It acts as rejuvenator by removing toxins and nourishing all body parts. High iron and content helps to maintain hemoglobin levels in the body.
• Herbal content :
a.Brahmi :It acts as memory and intelligence booster.

b.Pimpali : It promotes digestion and shields against infection.
c.Vekhand : It helps in voice clarity in kids and reduces anxiety.
d.Sunthi: It reduces gas formation and makes liver strong. It also aids in digestion.
e.Karkatshringhi: Benefits in treating various kinds of child diseases like cough cold, fever, vomit, nuisance of children.
3. Nutritional content :

Iron,Iodine, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, chromium, copper,Phosphorous, Zinc,Vitamin A Vitamin B2, B6.

Hb+ Shishu Care Nutrition

  • 1 Table Spoon(15ml/21gms), Serving Per Container about 13

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